Church Without Shoes is Christ’s Church united in love and service in our community. We are a collective of Christ honoring churches in the Diablo Valley who are activily living as one church in many ways. These pastors and churches, are pursuing ways to better serve God and serve people together. We live beyond compitition and comparison, we walk in humility and honesty and companionship.

1956981_10151972909061246_1678228336_oAs one we seek follow the model of Jesus as we grow UP (worship/prayer/preaching) in our relationship and responsibilities with God, IN (community/fellowship) with our relationship and responsibilities with one another and OUT (mission) together in our relationship and responsibilities to the community/world where we live.

“Church Without Shoes” recalls the servant model of Jesus. On the night He was betrayed, He removed the disciple’s shoes, Judas’ as well (John 13). He washed their feet and charged them to serve in the world in the same way.

Please find this site arranged in the walnut_creek_mt_diablo1tabs at the top of this page cheifly identified as categories of UP (our worship/prayer/preaching), IN (community) and OUT (service).