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To the pastors of our valley, For many of us, Praise in the Park has become a regular rhythm of our year – a moment when we gather as one church on a summer Saturday at the center of the valley, Todos Santos Plaza. It is here that we sing the songs of Jesus into the atmosphere in unity of praise and purpose. This ...

Rhythms with God

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Tuesday morning devotion and prayer 8:30a.m.- 9am  New Life Campus Thursday afternoon prayers 1:30-2:30pm Vineyard Community Center Annual Community Wide Communion on Maundy Thursday – 30 churches one Lord one Spirit on Faith

Dave Foster on Worship

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Collaborate Posted on May 3, 2014 If you break down the word “collaborate” into its three sections, co-labor-ate, it seems to have something to do with working together after eating.  If you’ll hang with me for a few paragraphs, I’ll tell you the story of the song “Abide in Me”. I spent more than a decade working ...

thinking about re-thinking in this season

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Re-thinking or Repenting is a verb that comes from the NT word, “metanoia.” It literally means to “change-mind.” Repent literally means to change the way I i think, to think differently. As the woman who was dragged before Jesus having been “caught” in adultery, it is an opportunity to no longer think the same way, ...