Praise in the Park News

To the pastors of our valley,

For many of us, Praise in the Park has become a regular rhythm of our year – a moment when we gather as one church on a summer Saturday at the center of the valley, Todos Santos Plaza. It is here that we sing the songs of Jesus into the atmosphere in unity of praise and purpose.

This year that Saturday will be September 15. We will present worship teams from our individual church communities to lead us throughout the day, singing together, praying together, joining together. The concluding movement will be opened with you, the pastors, joining together on stage at 5 pm as a prayer for our valley is offered. Then our headliner for this year, Micah Tyler, will lead to a celebratory conclusion.

Many of you have helped in so many ways in the past 4 years. I am hoping we can count on you again this year. Or maybe this is new to you and you have a few questions.  You can check it out at the Praise in the Park web site – or visit us on Facebook at Praise in the Park.

Here’s how you can help:

·       Would you be available for the unity Prayer on stage at 5 pm, Saturday Sept. 15th?

·       Would your Worship Team like to be considered for a 25-minute praise segment this year?

·       Do you have a point person for future communication?

·       Would your church consider a financial contribution to fund this event?

·       Would your church like promotional material for PITP?

Your reply to this email will be greatly appreciated.

For His work in this valley,

Jim Shields

Pastor, Sanctuary Concord