thinking about re-thinking in this season

14. November 2015 UP with God 0

metanoiajn8Re-thinking or Repenting is a verb that comes from the NT word, “metanoia.” It literally means to “change-mind.” Repent literally means to change the way I i think, to think differently. As the woman who was dragged before Jesus having been “caught” in adultery, it is an opportunity to no longer think the same way, but to seize the opportunity to pursue a new way of thinking! The invitation from Jesus is to think now the way God thinks about life. Jesus says, “the kingdom is at hand.” Its like right now the ice is thin, so thin you can reach out your hand and find the hand of God your loving Heavenly Father reaching back offering a new way to live in this moment if I will simply chose to think differently than I have been. Transformed living, begins with “metanoia,” transformed thinking. Here is how Paul reminds us of Jesus’ invitation, “be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Paul goes on and adds the benefit, the out come of changed thinking as the ability to actually see and affirm actualized benefit in real life, “so that you may test and approve what the will of God is!” This season approaching Easter, we pause to think, to re-think about how we are living. The promise of Jesus is such that if we will we can reach out and actually live into the will and the way of our Good and Loving King! metanoiajn8

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